Bloom earrings

In this case, the goal was to experiment with organic shapes. Both Paula and I have technical backgrounds (Architecture and Engineering) and we feel comfortable with geometric shapes created by humans, but we both feel a certain admiration for nature and its organic shapes and colors. Therefore, for this collection we decided to try to replicate the shape of petals using FDM 3D Printing and a manual post-treatment that makes each earring, a unique piece as they are deformed without any pattern or mold.

As for the choice of colors, it is true that it responds to the time of year in which they were conceived and their purpose, but we were obsessed with some photos I took in Kiruna where the clouds are iridescent. So, going through the Smart Materials filament catalog, we saw that they had an iridescent filament and decided to try it. We also tried it with a glitter black and the combination is perfect!


Premium Biodegradable PLA | hypoallergenic steel



Germán Rodríguez