Cosmos Coffee Cart

In other post I have talked about my friend Juanjo from Cosmos Café. In a couple of occasions he has organized the Aeropress Championship here in Castilla y León (Spain) and some other times he has been contacted to serve coffees and other drinks in some events. Many times, logistical issues become a problem, since to set up everything you need a certain amount of space and not all clients can provide it.   

So, to solve this problem Juanjo wanted a portable bar. After searching the market, he couldn’t find any solution that would fit his measurements and trusted me to carry out the project.    

Together we defined some basic specifications:  

  • Work surface 1200mmx600mm  
  • Cable grommets for the water and power outlets of the coffee maker on the work surface.  
  • Space under the work surface for the water tank.
  • Compact size once disassembled.  
  • Strength enough to support a medium sized coffee maker with one or two groups and a professional grinder.  

With all this, I set to work and designed a piece of furniture to be made in 21mm thick phenolic pine plywood to achieve a compromise between weight and resistance, whose joints are all without mechanical elements except for the wheels. Its assembly and disassembly does not require any additional element and can be done in less than 5 minutes. I also made a hand-painted personalization with the brand’s typography on the front. 

If you want to know more about the project, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or Instagram.


21mm thick phenolic pine plywood



Germán Rodríguez