Franela 2.0

Our connection with the world of coffee began in Valladolid with Juanjo (Café Nuberu and Cosmos Café) and later, Paloma and Marco (Puchero) became the first roasters in the city, creating an incredible coffee, brand and coffee community and putting Valladolid on the specialty coffee map.

A little over a year ago we met Elisa, thanks to another great friend we have in common. It was a stroke of luck, but what luck we had. In a few words, we could say that with her project Franela she has been working hard for a year and a half to educate and transmit all her knowledge about coffee to the whole city.   

If Puchero and Cosmos have put Valladolid on the map through their coffee, Elisa does it by being the last link in the chain (and no less important). She has made that, in a city normally averse to everything new, people of all ages have become interested in the world of coffee, have tasted and enjoyed coffees from all over the world. Yesterday she dismantled her little project, but fortunately, not to stop but to move, to evolve. Elisa is a restless ass and does not settle for anything.  

We have been fortunate that she has counted on us to do much of the interior design project of her new place, as well as the production of objects such as this lamp.   

Everything is almost ready but we will be releasing it in small pills. For the moment, this little lamp will be the star of a cozy corner of Franela 2.0.  

Elisa, we love you very much and we wish you that this continues the same or better than until now. 

Paula & Germán.


Premium Biodegradable PLA | electrical components



Germán Rodríguez + Paula Higelmo