Sobre la influencia

Sobre la influencia is an exhibition as part of the CreaVa22 cycle.

It is a mixed project of photography, CAD design and 3D printing. Both the exhibition and all the processes carried out for its elaboration are born from a personal reflection on the use of photography and all the influences to which we are exposed on a daily basis.

It is a photographic exhibition that – without losing its aesthetic value – seeks to extol its practical value. It reveals the result of an exploration of new disciplines that can emerge by combining others, starting from the approach of artistic concepts and technical experiments – such as the creation of plates for photographic composition and the subsequent application of embossing or the possibility of 3D printing directly on photographic paper. With these procedures, he wants to bring a new dimension to the image and highlight a multitude of synergies that intimately relate the art of photography with a field that generally clashes intensely with art, such as engineering.

The project came about at a time of a change of career direction. After putting an end to four years as a powertrain calibration engineer and reviewing all the photographs taken on each of my work trips, I discovered that scenes, objects, landscapes and other elements captured my attention at the time and it was due not only to the privilege of being in that precise moment but also to the situation I was in. Working, testing an engine, experiencing some stress, often frustration, passing over and over again the same point of the map, taking the most insubstantial and bland element of the landscape as a reference for my tests and discovering that after all that, that bland element has a meaning for me and becomes fun, characteristic or even beautiful. It is that instant when I feel like photographing it and it occupies a place in my retina that will later influence me in other creative processes shown in the exhibition.


Premium Biodegradable PLA | 925 sterling silver



Germán Rodríguez